Recently the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account, has shared new information about Dorothea the latest character from the House of the Black Eagles, that players will encounter in the upcoming Switch exclusive game Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Be sure to check out the new information below:

Dorothea (voiced by Juri Nagatsuma)

House: Black Eagles

  • A female student who was a popular songstress in the imperial capital before enrolling.
  • She looks up to the former songstress Manuela who was also previously a part of the Mittelfrank Opera Company.
  • She’s the only member from the House of the Black Eagles who was born a commoner, and she occasionally feels uncomfortable about it.
  • She treats everyone equally as friends of the same age.

Here’s a short conversation with Dorothea who does not know that the main character is a teacher:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 26.